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Fluorescent Molecules

We offer Amine-Reactive Fluorophores; Bioconjugates; Biotin/Desthiobiotin; Buffers, Detergents; Caged Probes; Cell Analysis Kits; Cell stains; Click Chemistry; Enzyme Substrates; Fluorescent Mitochondrial Probes; Fluorescent Probes; Fluorescent/Non-Fluorescent Ion and pH Indicators; Fluorescent/Non-Fluorescent Lipids, Phospholipid Probes; Gel & Membrane Stains; Kits and Assays; Monomers; Natural Products and Their Fluorescent/None-Fluorescent Conjugates; Neurotransmitter receptors Probes; Nucleotides/Nucleosides; Protein Kinase Inhibitors (PKI); Quencher/Non-Fluorescent Probes; Reactive Probes and Related Products; Sensors; Steroids and Related Products

Additional Services


Let's build together! We can synthesis research molecules either by following known literature procedures or using protocols provided by the client. If there is no published procedure then we will, if possible, design the synthesis route for the preparation of the desired materials.

Process Development

Let us be your Lead Scientist for process development. We can optimize your provided standard protocol/procedures or we can design an improved route based on your requirements.

Custom Synthesis

At Setareh Biotech, we can offer building blocks, starting materials, and derivatives of lead compounds. If you are looking for chemical products that are not available commercially, with specific composition or in unique quantities please give us a call.

Catalog Products

Maintaining inventory is important for our customers so over 99% of all web listed products are in stock at any given time. We provide a very diverse product line for your needs.


Many of our products are packaged in the standard Industry-wide sizes, from microgram to gram units. But we also offer custom packaging, for a fee, based on our customer's needs.

Building Blocks for Research

Along with our standard product line, we also offer a wide range of intermediate building blocks for your research needs. If you do not find an item you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

Complex/Multi-Step Synthesis

Since most of our products are synthesized in-house, we are familiar with the long multi-step reactions that can go into making a single compound. If you need help with any or all of the steps along the way, contact us to see if we can help.