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Kit 7997

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Catalog ID 7997 / 1 Kit: 5 vials Comp A, 1 vial Comp B and C

EnzTool Ultra Xylanase Assay Kit

Formula Weight CAS#
C20H22F2O11 476.38

Product Size 1 Kit: 5 vials Comp A, 1 vial Comp B and C
Form Solid
Absorption (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 0 ± nm ()
Fluorescence (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 0 ± nm ()
Storage conditions Freeze: Store at -5 to -30°C (F) Protect from moisture (D) Protect from light (L)

* EnzChek® Ultra Xylanase Assay Kit *TM of MP*

Enzyme Detection, Substrates and Activity Assays :   Assay Kits
Product Line:   EnzTool (Known as EnzChek, TM of Molecular Probes)

Safety Data Sheet

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