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Catalog ID 6029 / 10 mg


AKA: 6-((7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin-3-acetyl)amino)hexanoic acid, succinimidyl ester
Formula Weight CAS#
C22H25N3O7 443.45 216309-02-3
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AMCA-X, SE is a commonly used blue-fluorescent, amine-reactive dye for the synthesis of blue-fluorescent biomolecules. The SE-activated ester is reactive with primary amines on peptides, proteins, modified nucleotides, biopolymers and other amine-containing biomolecules. Conjugates of AMCA-X dye have a pH-dependent and environmentally sensitive fluorescence and are excited near 353 nm with emission near 442 nm. The seven-atom spacer between the dye and it’s point of attachment may reduce interactions of the dye and the biomolecule to which it has reacted and may improve the labeling efficiency with bulky molecules. .

Product Size 10 mg
Form Off white Solid
Absorption (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 353 ± 3 nm (Methanol)
Fluorescence (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 440 ± 4 nm (Methanol)
Storage conditions Freeze: Store at -5 to -30°C (F) Protect from moisture (D) Protect from light (L)

* 6-((7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin-3-acetyl)amino)hexanoic acid, succinimidyl ester
* 2H-1-Benzopyran-3-acetamide, 7-amino-N-[6-[(2,5-dioxo-1-pyrrolidinyl)oxy]-6-oxohexyl]-4-methyl-2-oxo-

Reactive Probes and Related Products:   Activated, Amine-Reactive [Isothiocyanate, Succinimydyl Ester (SE), Sulfonyl Halide, TFP Ester, NBD-Cl, NBD-F, etc.]
Amine-Reactive Fluorophores, Biotins and Other Labels:   Active Ester - Succinimidyl Ester (SE or NHS-ester)
Fluorescent Probes and Related Products:   Coumarin (Umbelliferone)
Label or Dye:   Coumarin (Umbelliferone) and Methylcoumarin
Excitation and Emision Ranges:   Excitation: 345-360 nm and Emission: 430-450 nm

Safety Data Sheet
Certificates of Analysis
Lot 52155 16-Nov-2021
Lot 50934 30-Jun-2015

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