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Catalog ID 8110 / 1 mg

CellHunt Green 8-P2M

AKA: EverFluor Green 8-P2M
Formula Weight CAS#
C23H20BF2N3O2 419.23 929679-22-1
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CellHunt Green 8-P2M is a green-fluorescent, thiol-reactive dye that is relatively selective for reaction with thiol groups when reacted at pH below 7.5. CellHunt Green 8-P2M may have applications as a long-term fluorescent cell tracer dye. CellHunt Green 8-P2M exhibits a fluorescence that is strongly quenched, presumably through a photoinduced electron transfer mechanism, until the maleimide group reacts with a thiol group. Reaction with a thiol group restores the green-fluorescence with a high quantum yield. CellHunt Green 8-P2M is also useful for preparing green-fluorescent conjugates of peptides, proteins, and other biomolecules that contain thiol groups. CellHunt Green 8-P2M is non-ionic, non-toxic, and is relatively insensitive to changes in pH and environment. .

Product Size 1 mg
Form Solid
Absorption (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 501 ± 3 nm (Methanol)
Storage conditions Freeze: Store at -5 to -30°C (F) Protect from moisture (D) Protect from light (L)

* EverFluor Green 8-P2M
* Bodipy Green 8-P2M; EverFluor 8-phenyl-(2-maleimide),, o-maleimide BODIPY
* 8-(Phenyl-2-(maleimido))-4,4-difluoro-1,3,5,7-tetramethyl-4-bora-3a,4a-diaza-S-indacene

Safety Data Sheet
Certificates of Analysis
Lot 52224 23-May-2022
Lot 51327 30-Jan-2018

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