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Catalog ID 7322 / 20 X 50 ug

MitoHunt Orange CM-H2TMRos *Sp-Pak*

AKA: 4-Chloromethyldihydrorosamine
Formula Weight CAS#
C24H25ClN2O 392.93 N/A
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MitoHunt Orange CM-H2TMRos is a probe for staining the functioning mitochondria of live cells. MitoHunt Orange CM-H2TMRos is a non-fluorescent, chemically reduced form of our yellow-fluorescent mitochondria-selective MitoHunt Orange CMTMRos (product 7320). MitoHunt Orange CM-H2TMRos is cell-permeant and non-fluorescent until it passively enters a respiring cell and is oxidized to the cationic, yellow-fluorescent mitochondria-selective probe. MitoHunt Orange CM-H2TMRos has also been used to monitor the real-time changes of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS). The oxidized probe is excited near 551 nm and has a fluorescent emission near 576 nm. The yellow-orange fluorescence is compatible with many of our other fluorescent cellular probes in multicolor imaging applications and the dye is well-retained after fixation.

Product Size 20 X 50 ug
Form Pink Solid
Absorption (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 235 ± 3 nm (Methanol)
Storage conditions Freeze: Store at -5 to -30°C (F) Protect from moisture (D) Protect from light (L)

* 4-Chloromethyldihydrorosamine
* MitoTracker® Orange CM-H2TMRos *TM of MP*
* Dihydrorosamine

Cell stains / Cellular Structure Probes:   Mitochondria
Product Line:   MitoHunt (Known as MitoTracker, MitoProbe, Mitofluor or MitoSOX; TM of Molecular
Cell stains / Cellular Structure Probes:   Organelle Stains
Label or Dye:   Rhodamine / Rosamine / TMR (Tetramethylrhodamine) / TAMRA
Fluorescent Probes and Related Products:   Rhodamine/Rosamine

Safety Data Sheet
Certificates of Analysis
Lot 51467 03-Aug-2018

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