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Catalog ID 7667 / 5 mg

CellHunt Green EverFluor

AKA: CellTracker™ Green BODIPY™ Dye *TM of MP*
Formula Weight CAS#
C14H16BClF2N2 296.55 N/A
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CellHunt Green EverFluor is a green-fluorescent, non-toxic, cell-permeant stain for long-term fluorescent staining of live cells. The chloromethyl group is reactive with internal cell components, presumably glutathione, and yields membrane-impermeant, green-fluorescent adducts. The resulting stained cells are viable and remain fluorescent, often for more than 24 hours and through several cell divisions. The dye is transferred to daughter cells, but not adjacent cells in the population. CellHunt Green EverFluor is optimally excited at 523 nm and is well-retained and brightly fluorescent in live cells. .

Product Size 5 mg
Form Orange/Brown Solid
Absorption (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 523 ± 3 nm (Methanol)
Fluorescence (estimated) Wavelength (λmax) 529 ± 4 nm (Methanol)
Storage conditions Freeze: Store at -5 to -30°C (F) Protect from moisture (D) Protect from light (L)

* CellTracker™ Green BODIPY™ Dye *TM of MP*
* 8-Chloromethyl-4,4-difluoro-1,3,5,7-tetramethyl-4-bora-3a,4a-diaza-S-indacene
* CellTracker™ Green BODIPY *TM of Probes*

Cell Analysis Reagents and Kits:   Cell Proliferation
Cell Analysis Reagents and Kits:   Cell, Tissue and In Vivo Labeling Kits and Reagents
Product Line:   CellHunt (Known as CellTracker or CellTrace, TM of Molecular Probes)
Fluorescent Probes and Related Products:   EverFluor (Known as BODIPY, TM of Molecular Probes)
Label or Dye:   EverFluor (Known as BODIPY, TM of Molecular Probes)
Excitation and Emision Ranges:   Excitation: 520-530 nm and Emission: 525-535 nm

Safety Data Sheet
Certificates of Analysis
Lot 52050 21-Jun-2021

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