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ADHP  [10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine], [Known as Amplex Red®, TM of Molecular probes]

Catalog ID: 6773 UNIT SIZE: 10 mg

ADHP  [10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine], [Known as Amplex Red®, TM of Molecular probes]

1-4 ($108.00/Unit) 5-24 ($103.00/Unit) 25-49 ($96.00/Unit)


Fluorogenic substrate for peroxidase. Highly sensitive and stable probe for H2O2. ADHP reagent reacts with H2O2 In the presence of horseradish peroxidase (HRP)to produce highly fluorescent resorufin.


Safety Data Sheet
SDS: SDS_6773.pdf
Certificate of Analysis
Lot Number: 51127
Product Manuals
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Product Information

Product Size 10 mg
Form Solid
Absorption Wavelength (λmax): 280 ± 3 nm
Storage conditions Freeze: Store at -5 to -30°C (F)
Protect from moisture (D)
Protect from light (L)
Shipping conditions Room Temperature
  • • 10H-Phenoxazine-3,7-diol, 10-acetyl

    • Amplex Red® (Registered trade mark of Molecular Probes) 


• Panopoulos A, Harraz M, Engelhardt JF, Zandi E. J Biol Chem 280, 2912-23 (2005)

• DeYulia GJ Jr, Carcamo JM, Borquez-Ojeda O, Shelton CC, Golde DW. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102, 5044-9 (2005)

• Velasco G, Campo M, Manrique OJ, Bellou A, He H, Arestides RS, Schaub B, Perkins DL, Finn PW. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol (2004)

• Pastor I, Esquembre R, Micol V, Mallavia R, Mateo CR. Anal Biochem 334, 335-43 (2004) .



For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic

or diagnostic use

No Animal source

Regulatory Compliance


ADHP  [10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine]

OSHA Hazard

No Known OSHA Hazards

HMIS Classification

Health: 2

Flammability: 0

Physical Hazard: 0

NFPA Rating

Health: 2

Fire:  0

Reactivity: 0

TSCA Status

Not On TSCA Inventory

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Not dangerous goods

Not dangerous goods

Not dangerous goods